Deanism is the belief in and worship of the Mother God as specified in the Orthodox definition below, explained in more detail here. Any religion or set of spiritual beliefs which meet the criteria of that definition is a Deanic religion. Matrical Deanism, meaning Deanism of the Matrix, is a denomination of Deanism or way to interpret Deanism. Matrical Deanism is compatible with any other belief systems or religions that teach the Matrical Principles of Dea and can serve as a basic framework, template, or tradition for understanding Deanism. Enough of Matrical Deanism is derived from Buddhism that it is completely compatible with a Buddhism practice. The most basic definitions, goals, and concepts of Matrical Deanism are explained below.

“The Faith of Our Mother God consists in the acceptance of our Mother-Creatrix as the one Supreme Being, the Source and Origin of all that is, the One without a second, upon whom the existence of anything whatever is absolutely dependent. To know this and to love Her — or even to wish to love Her — is the whole of our religion in its essence.” – Chapel of Our Mother God

What is Matrical Deanism?

    1. DeanismBelief in Dea according to the Orthodox Deanist definition of Her.
    2. Mother MatrixDea defined as the Mother Matrix of the Universe, whose eternal principles constantly give rise to the universe and whose sex is assigned female.
    3. DiaDea has the quality of Dia, meaning She is transcendent – beyond space, time, matter, and concepts – yet She is also present in everything and every aspect of the universe.
    4. The 8 Matrical Principles of DeaThe principles which constitute Dea and provide an essential structure to the universe as well as a path to live harmoniously with Dea.
    5. The Seven Matrical JanyatiThe seven aspects of Dea who represent Her principles and Her eternal cyclical nature that pervades every part of the universe.
    6. The Matrical Trinity: The Seven Janyati condensed into the Three Mahajanyati with the Dark Mother as Dea’s Adijanyati.
    7. The Janyati Path: Utilizing Dea’s principles to align oneself fully with every Matrical Janya and learn how to live in perfect harmony with Dea.


    The Matrix of the Universe

    Generally, a matrix is some kind of physical or theoretical environment, surrounding medium, or structure in which something develops. Etymologically, matrix comes from the Latin word mater for mother, meaning a literal “womb” or “source” and “origin.” A matrix can be literal, as in a physical environment, or it can be abstract, as in a set of principles and axiomatic conditions. In Matrical Deanism, Dea is defined as the Matrix of the Universe. She is the ultimate basis of reality, the source and origin of all that is, upon whom the existence of anything whatsoever is absolutely dependent. While physical matrices out of which natural phenomena arise such as biological wombs, bodies of water, or the physical Earth are manifestations of and sacred metaphors for Dea, She is in fact completely transcendent – beyond time, space, energy, matter, existence, and nonexistence. As Mother Matrix, Dea is Herself the set of eternal principles, axioms, and initial conditions that allowed for both the creation of the entire universe and its fundamental structure. Dea is not dependent on this universe for She is the only eternal, but the existence of our universe is dependent upon Her, the ground of being. This is why we call Dea, the Matrix of the Universe and our Mother-Creatrix.